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Chinese teaching program designed for executives in SPG Korea Co., Ltd. by the Confucius Institute at the University of Incheon

The Confucius Institute at the university of Incheon reached an agreement with SPG Korea Co., Ltd. on March 10, 2015, to provide Chinese training courses for the company’s top managers.






Under the agreement, the Confucius Institute will send a Chinese teacher named Wang Xinying to give lessons in the company. The first teaching stage is scheduled for three months, ninety minutes each time, twice a week. Since the twenty-nine trainees have not learned any Chinese, the teaching will be based on textbooks, with priority given to practicability as well as the introduction of Chinese culture, in an effort to combine practicability with enjoyment.

SPG Korea Co., Ltd., originated from SUNG SHIN, Ltd. founded in 1973, is a rapidly rising hi-tech company worldwide specializing in developing motors. It is also one of the major industrial groups supported by Incheon government. Serving as the core enterprise producing and selling motors, it upholds a sound management principle and is praised as one of “the world’s top small-size motor producers”. An official from SPG Korea Co., Ltd. said that the economic and trade relations between the China and Korea are becoming increasingly tight after the diplomatic relations were established. As company business grows, it is necessary to learn more about Chinese culture, with great demands for its top managers to master Chinese. The courses designed for top managers are aimed to make them learn simple conversations in Chinese and Chinese culture in all aspects, in an effort to improve staff professional levels and the capacity of top managers.

The Confucius Institute at the university of Incheon upholds the development concept of “teaching plus features” since its founding, which provides a wealth of Chinese teaching services for all sectors of society and dedicates itself to Sino-South Korea exchanges and cooperation by such development patterns as the united efforts of ‘school-CI’, of government agencies-CI, and of company-CI. The Confucius Institute is bold in exploring the third pattern in the cooperation with SPG Korea Co., Ltd., which not only widely promotes Chinese teaching services, but brings forth new ideas for the development patterns of the Confucius Institute locally. Both sides will give full play to their own strengths and make concerted efforts to cultivate talents engaged in Sino-South Korea commercial exchanges, and to make great contributions to the development and exchanges in business, thereby enhancing friendly relationships between the two countries.

The Confucius Institute adheres to the conception of “regarding harmony as the most precious thing”, aiming to offer the world people a better chance of understanding the Chinese language and culture, to develop friendly relationships with other countries, and to push forward cultural exchanges. We wish that more and more people would learn and use Chinese, and Sino-South Korea exchanges in culture, economy and trade would constantly further the mutual understanding and trust between the two countries.