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Opening Ceremony of Photo Exhibition

The opening ceremony of a photo exhibition entitled “China, the Beautiful” was initiated in Belén Park Library on April 30th organized by DUFL Confucius Institute in Medellin. With these photos, Gao Zhengyue, dean of the institute, introduced various aspects of Chinese history and culture, especially the development brought by the reform and opening up policy, highly praised by the visitors who showed a strong interest in learning at the Confucius Institute. Many of them expressed their wish to visit China, given the chance, to experience the splendid culture, the rapid development and the unique traditions by themselves.





The exhibition was significantly supported by the Embassy of China in Columbia. Visitors could feel the profundity and extensiveness of Chinese history and culture through the photos. The dramatic development and change after 1949, especially after reform and opening up, were highlighted in the exhibition. 

The exhibition was regarded as the kick-off of a series of exhibitions hosted by DUFL Confucius Institute in Medellin, which will last for a month in town and another 5 months in other places. Belén Park Library in Medellin is a public place where people may read and relax themselves. The exhibition is expected to be a window on China and an incentive for those who love Chinese language and culture.